aitso has been creating experimental video for live music since 2005. originally just creating visuals for his own music, he eventually began creating backing visuals for other vancouver musicians. in 2010 he relocated to montreal, and began to work exclusively on visuals for others. he has been actively touring since 2015.

there have been too many one off and local shows to keep track of, however notable tours include:
wolf parade (2018 - 2020)
operators (2019)
thor & friends (2016 - 2017)
night lunch (2016)
mattress (2016)
echo beach (2014-2017)

with the 2020 pandemic halting touring, aitso has switched to live streaming and music video production. there was a series of live visuals streams, and several in studio streams, all of which are available via the aitso youtube channel.

music videos have been done for:
land of talk
spencer krug
rip pop mutant
sheenah ko
night lunch
aim low
child actress
maudlin library